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Get involved in the real market action. Hone your communications and financial skill sets. Future-proof yourself with an internship at WeR1

If you are fuelled by passion to take on a fast-paced environment and exciting challenges, write to us. We provide training and life skills which will equip you for the future and explore a new and exciting niche in the communications field.

Internship Requirement

Summer Internship

  • 10 Weeks
  • Annual cycle: May - August

What Our Interns Say

"At WeR1, I was given many wonderful opportunities to learn, grow and excel. Interns were empowered to embark on meaningful tasks. I was given the autonomy and respect to complete these jobs, which allowed me to pick up many useful skills and knowledge on the job - something that really resonated with me. Mr Lai and his dedicated team guided me through this journey, and I'm grateful for this internship opportunity." "

Tan Yixuan Singapore Management University

"WeR1 Consultants is distinguished in the quality of responsibility delegated to interns. The internship fosters professional growth by allowing candidates to tackle legitimate challenges and giving them ample opportunities to join in the interplay of ideas in the office. This comes in stark contrast to the mediocre tasks usually associated with internships."

Chia Soong Ming National University of Singapore

"My internship experience has been nothing short of fruitful. Immediately on your first day you are thrown into the deep-end to learn all of the company’s processes as they come. Contrary to what is advertised, Investor Relations and Public Relations are not the only things you learn when you come into this boutique firm. The learning curve is steep but the rewards are extremely rich."

Joel Lam National University of Singapore

"I am so lucky to have gotten a chance to intern at WeR1 Consultants in summer 2011. My internship was very hands on and I learned a lot about the PR and IR business in Singapore. Kwok Kin was a great mentor and always motivated me to push to the next level of my capabilities."

Chelsea Krempl Washington State University, USA

"Interning at WeR1 was an incredible experience at the heart of Singapore business. It was a rare opportunity to work alongside someone as talented and gifted as Kwok Kin."

Lawrence Monoson Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris, France

"Interning at WeR1 was one of my first jobs ever. Despite my inexperience I was given meaningful tasks and felt appreciated at work. My colleagues were very welcoming and I felt comfortable approaching them with questions. At WeR1 I learned how to ask more questions, and to anticipate the worst while prepping to ensure the best—skills I still use every day. I am grateful for my time at WeR1, for the lessons learned and relationships fostered."

Kea Scullion Northeastern University, USA